Nun Premium Whey protein

L&L HEALTHY PRODUCTS LLC is a company founded in 2019 with one purpose in mind.

Make products that actually work.

No lies, just action.

Nun brand is one of our trademarks. Builded from the ground up with an original formula.

Don’t kill the fury


Just get up!



NuN Brand

We are NOT a Brand. We are U. We know the struggle. We know the grind. Our Premium Whey protein have the elements you need to make every day your DAY ONE.

We have discovered the best way to complement your exercises and efforts in your goal of achieving an appropriate or desired physical state.

 We love the process and now the result will be your best weapon to achieve what you want so much, A HEALTHY SUPPLEMENT, A PROTEIN THOUGHT FOR YOU!


Get it Done, JUST GET UP!

STOP dreaming START achieving

Let us help you with that